Be a part of these success stories! We have helped many towing companies achieve their goals by driving a consistent volume of calls directly to them. This has substantially grown businesses and generated great revenue on a recurring basis.

Randy’s Towing & Storage

Randy (owner) was running his own Google Ads campaign and was spending $75 per day with very little results. We have stepped in and generated high quality calls every single day. He was able to increase his revenue and solely focus on his business instead of marketing which didn’t work out for him in the first place.

Mak Towing and Roadside

Mak Towing and Roadside was looking for a consistent and ideal volume of towing service calls every single day but this wasn’t realized until Towing Lead set them up for success. The daily calls have contributed towards the overall growth of the towing company and allowed them to dominate the Denver, Colorado area.

Gate Towing

Gate Tow INC relied on Yelp and word of mouth to gain more towing service calls however, this proved to be ineffective. During his first week with us, Gate Towing received an additional 49 calls for which they were able to close most jobs!

U.S Towing

US Towing was pretty much on the same playing field as most current towing companies – uncertain about the next call and scrambling around to expand in business but to no avail. During their first week with us, they managed to get 64 verified calls and their call volume is expected to increase within the next few weeks.

What some of our clients have said…

“I was only relying on Yelp and some other directories which got me almost no results before getting started with Towing Lead. It has now been a little over a year working with them and I couldn’t be any happier!”

– Ultra Towing & Recovery (Tennessee)

“I’m glad that we gave Towing Lead a shot. They have sent us about 12 – 17 calls every day for the past 7 months and business just keeps growing. They handle my website, marketing and everything in between. It feels good knowing that a team of experts are handling my marketing at an amazing rate. Nothing feels better than having that peace of mind.”

– Speed Towing (Montana)

“If you’re looking for a reliable and valuable expert in generating towing calls then Towing Lead is your best bet. So far, everything looks great and I am very happy with the results. The calls go straight to our dispatcher and there is almost no work for us to do but to answer the phone and provide a tow or roadside assistance. Great job guys!”

– Excel Wrecker (Indiana)